Montaki Canada Inc. is a proud exclusive overseas exporter of Harnois Products. Our highly engineered, state-of-the-art steel framed, fabric covered structure is the ideal building solution for your business needs.

MegaEngineering, MegaStrength: 

Designed and analyzed by highly experienced team of engineers, the build is designed for strength and durability, covered by up to 15 years of warranty. Our state-of-the-art Oval tubing double truss arch made out of corrosion resistant North American Steel ensures the reliability and strength of the structure.

Easy, rapid installation and can be lengthened to increase your storage space at anytime. Available in various width from 30 to 125ft. various shapes to meet your business requirements. 

MegaLight, MegaEco, MegaSavings!!:

Covered with Canadian manufactured Powershield membrane, which allows high penetration of natural light. The quality of natural light inside the structure allows for the reduction of artifical lighting, consequently cutting back on your energy bills! Eco friendly to the environment and Economic. The sturcture is also less expensive to build and maintain than conventional buildings.


artificial and natural Ventilation, Insulation, Heating, garage doors, man doors, white/grey/green fabric cover, fire retardant covers, polycarbonate, let us know what you require. We will be able to find a solution. 

Storage Solution

The ideal solution for storage space, warehouse, loading docks, hangers, mining and construction equipment, etc.


Easy, rapid, economical yet a reliable solution for industrial use such as manufacturing and processing plants, garage, waste management plants.

Commercial, Events

Easy Installation, relocation and lengthening. this offers unique solution for commercial businesses such as indoor markets, concerts, showroom, reception Halls, performances


Comfort and protection for both your horse and you. Megadome offers a bright and spacious environment for riding arenas, jumping arenas and horse stables.

Mega Engineering !!! 


Many Applications below


Versatile and an economical storage solution for your equipments, hay, crop, manure and shelters for livestock.

Sports & Activity

Economical solution for Ice rinks, indoor golf range, sports gyms. Your favorite activities indoor all year round.

​Montaki Canada Inc